Different Types of Campaigns

You can set your campaigns as either a recurring campaign, or a one time campaign.

There are two types of campaigns you can choose to create in the system:

  • Recurrent Sale – this is a recurring sale (e.g. 10% discount every Monday, $5 off every flower Thursday, etc.).
  • One-Time Sale – this is intended for big sales that are happening for a short amount of time (e.g. Black Friday, Boxing Day, etc.).

You can have a recurrent sale and a one-time sale happening at the same time for the same products. In this case, the discount applied to the product will be the one-time sale discount. You can also have 2 or more recurrent sales happening at the same time as long as they are applicable to different products, or they affect the same product on different days. The same rule applies for one-time sales that are happening at the same time.