Adding Products to an Order

Once the cash register is opened, you can access the POS Sales Page and start processing transactions.

There are three ways to add items to an order:

1. Scanning Items 

The easiest way to add items to an order is by scanning the product barcode using the 2D barcode scanner. Simply scan the barcode while on the POS Page, and the product will be added automatically. 

Note: If you try to scan a product that is out of stock, it will not show up because the POS page only shows the products that are currently in stock.

2. Using the Search Bar

Use the search bar to manually look for a product.

Note The THC/CBD level of a product should be set when receiving your PO, or under Inventory Adjust to be able to use the slider feature. This will be discussed in the Purchase order/Inventory Adjust section.

3. Filtering by Categories

Find products by filtering items based off of their category, THC/CBD level, subcategory, or species.


NOTE: When a product is manually selected (not scanned), it will show their product information before adding it to the order.

Stock Level – Real-time stock level of the product.

THC/CBD Level – The exact THC and CBD level of the product (this is set either when receiving your PO, or on the Inventory Adjust page).

Location – For stores that carry a lot of cannabis products, the location property would be very handy. This can be set under the Inventory Adjust page as well.

D.F.E – The Dried Flower Equivalency is imported from the product catalog. This is helpful to determine the 30g limit of dried cannabis for other classes of cannabis.

Terpene – Terpene profile of the product based on the product catalog.