Gift Cards

Everything you need to know about gift cards


Things TechPOS needs to activate gift card system:


Need gift terminal ID, and/or Ernex number For each terminal.

For example this store has two terminals inside, I need two ernex numbers.


How to Create product:


  • Create a “Gift Card” category to do this you go to inventory>category create new,  all gift cards products should be under this category. 
    *be sure to remember not to turn tax on for this category 
  • Create the gift card product by go to inventory>product>add new product.


  • Create new PO to add quantity to gift cards products by inventory>purchase order> add new PO.


How to make sales:


  • Go to Pos sales page, add gift product and make sales.
  • After sale, you need to activate the card by clicking on activate button.



  1. Go to POS Page, Click on gift card. You will see 3 options there:- Activate/Reload, Card enquiry and deactivate.

How you can Activate/ Reload Gift card?

  • Fill Card number and CVV. Then you need to put initial amount to what customer want and press confirm.
  • Expiry date is optional.




Card enquiry:

Through this option you can set the process method to Swipe or Type and save.


Deactivate card:

  • Insert card number and cvv and confirm to deactivate.
  • Expiry Date is optional.


How to add new payment method?

Go to Menu> preference>payment>add new payment>gift card


  1. click gift card in payment options to use gift card to purchase items.
  2. People can refund the amount they buy with the balance in gift card.

Usually, you will activate gift card with order, but they can also activate gift card without any order.