How Can I Add a New Purchase Order?

Here, you will learn how to manually import your purchase orders onto the system.

There are two ways to add a purchase order. You can either add your purchase order onto the system automatically with an auto receiving configuration, or you can do so manually by scanning your products onto the system after importing the invoice file from Excel or the email.

Adding a Purchase Order Manually

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  1. Go to Menu > Inventory > Purchase Orders

  2. Click Add New PO on the top right

  3. Fill out the general information listed below. If the corresponding vendor is not on the list, click Create New Vendor.

  4. Add products to the Purchase Order by filling out the information provided below. If a product is not in the system, click Create New Product. When all the details have been provided, click Add.

  5. Next, you will simply add products until you complete your Purchase Order by clicking on the Add Item button located on the top right. When all products have been added, click Save.

Adding Purchase Order Automatically

Your Purchase Order invoices can be imported onto the system from either an Excel file, or from the body of the email you received which can save more time from manual data entry.

  1. Go to Inventory > Purchase Orders
  2. Click on Import New PO
  3. Locate the invoice file to upload onto the system.
  4. Once you retrieve your invoice, it will be added to your Purchase Orders and your products will be ready to be scanned.

If an error shows up, you can either:

  1. Add the Product manually by going to Menu > Products > Add New Product. Make sure you fill out the SKU number with the product's correct SKU number. 
  2. Check-in with the Technical Support if the latest product catalogue has been imported.