How to Setup the Exact THC/CBD Percentage

To ensure the correct THC and CBD Levels are showing on your system, the Potency level must be completed.

To potency level can be set in 2 sections within the TechPOS System:
  • When receiving orders on the Purchase Orders page under Inventory.
  • Updating individual product information on the Inventory Adjust page under Inventory. 

Purchase Orders

Step 1: When receiving your purchase order, you will can scan to receive your products. 

NOTE: Alternatively to scanning, you can manually input the barcode or lot number to receive the product. 

Step 2: Once the barcode has been entered, you can fill out the exact THC/CBD percentage on the following page.

Note: Normally, the THC/CBD range will be provided, so this is where you can input the exact potency level for that particular Lot.  


Product Hub Page

Step 1: Go to Menu  > Inventory > Product Hub

Step 2: Select the Lot Number you would like to update


Step 3: After selecting the Lot Number, Potency Column should appear:


Step 4: Fill in the correct THC and CBD level (You can find this information on the label of the product) and Show Potency to True.
Step 5: Lastly hit the SAVE CHANGES Button above or below the page. Make sure to hit save before you switch to another page.

 NOTE: We advise that you do this process after importing your products. This is to be done manually since the THC and CBD levels are unique on every inventory order you make.