How to Troubleshoot “POS Not Configured" Alert

This article will help you to resolve the “POS Not Configured" alert

  1. Go to the chrome browser and type chrome://flags/ then search for Temporarily unexpire M94 flag and Temporarily unexpire M95 flags and make both disabled.

  2. Then search for Anonymize local IPs exposed by WebRTC and disable it too.

  3. Then on the right-hand bottom corner, you will see an option to Relaunch - click on it - and then the chrome browser will get closed and will reopen.
  4. Then just go to search (Win+R) on the computer and type cmd and type ipconfig and make a note of your IP.
  5. Then go to the POS page and navigate to Menu> Preferences> Device.

  6. Click on the edit terminal and update the IP address and hit on Save.
  7. Then go back to the POS Page and do a hard refresh by clicking Ctrl+F5 and the error will be resolved.