Items not Displaying on the Web Menu?

There will be instances where in a product is in stock and has inventory quantity, but does not display on the web menu. There are two parts to check when this happens.

Product Edit Page - Check if the Webmenu Display setting is enabled

  1. On the POS, go to Menu > Inventory > Products > Edit the Product
  2. Check if the Web Menu Display is enabled. This setting controls if the product will be displayed on the website or not

Web Menu Categories

  1. Check the POS category of the product in question
  2. On the POS, go to Menu > Web Menu > Menu (Categories List)
  3. Ensure that the POS category of the product is added on the Web Menu Categories List 

For example: If Dried Flowers are not showing on the Web Menu, ensure that the Dried Flower POS category is added to the Dried Flower Web Menu Category.