Order List By Online/In-store

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the Order List, allowing users to easily view and analyze orders made both online and in-store.

The report has the following fields: 

  • Order Number - POS Order ID
  • Order Date & Time - Order Completed Time & Date
  • Net Sales -  refers to the total revenue generated from the sales of products, after deducting any discounts or refunds.
  • Order Product Count - refers to the total number of products included in each order. 
  • Order Type
  • Payment In Store / Online - This field captures whether the payment was made at the physical store location or through an online platform

  • Payment Method - Cash, Debit, Credit, GiftCard, or Store Credit. 
  • Payment Card Type - refers to the specific type of payment card used for the transaction. This field provides information on the type of card used by the customer to make the payment, such as Visa, Mastercard, or other card brands.
  • Delivery Method - In Store Pickup, Shipping, Delivery, or Curbside Pickup
  • Manual Approval - this field indicates whether the in-store transaction was approved manually at the point of sale (POS) or automatically approved through the integration.