Paystone/Data Candy gift cards

How to make and use your paystone gift cards?

What is needed to start?

Gift cards
Merchant name
merchant ID
Merchant Password
Initialization code
Access Key

This can all be provided by Paystone.

Make a new category "Gift Cards" make sure not to add tax and that it is not cannabis infused. 



Make products for each amount of gift card you would like to sell from inventory>products
add new product

Next we will need to add a po for all of the gift card amounts you have just made.

Add new po fill out the top sections and search and add your gift card items and the number of each you would like.

Receive your purchase order!

Customers buy gift card in POS:
They can pay cash or card.


click gift card button on the top of POS:

How to activate/reload card:

after inputting number and amount, click confirm, a receipt will be printed out and a message will pop up at the bottom:


How To check balance:

A receipt will be printed out and a message will show at bottom:

How to cancel a transaction:

Put the invoice number and reference transaction confirmation number from the receipt printed to reverse transaction.


How to redeem

Add product to cart, choose gift card as payment method, input card number to finish transaction


Click refund button in POS, choose gift card as refund method, it will refund to t he gift card automatically, no need for invoice number, it’s already logged into our system