How to Create Promo Codes for Online Orders

  1. Go to Menu > Pricing > Customized Discount > Add New Discount. Enter the promo code and the amount.
  2. Once the promo code is created, there will be a section called " Add Promo Code" when people checkout online.
  3. Customers can apply the promo code received here.
  4. It can be either applied or declined after customers click "Apply". If they click remove, it will remove the existing promo code.
  5. After customers checkout, budtenders need to prepare the order and the discount will be automatically applied on the POS order.


  1. If there is a campaign applied for that product, the promo code will overwrite the campaign.
  2. if the promo discount is amount instead of percentage and if the order subtotal < discount amount, that promo code can't be applied.