What Is the User Role Page?

This page is where you can edit employee accessibility. Different employees will be assigned different roles in the system and based on their role, they will have different levels of accessibility to the Business Reports. 

This video will show you how to manage your staff's accessibility to each report.

users user role-1


Below is the list of accessibility that each role will have as different employee roles will be granted different accessibility for various features in the system. This accessibility can be modified


Store Owner

  • Access to all the features of TechPOS + Reports

Store Manager

  • Access to all the features of TechPOS

Inventory Manager

  • User: Member, Doctor, Vendor
  • Inventory: Products Catalog, Product Categories, PO, Warehouse
  • Pricing: Measurement Settings, Campaign, Price Setting
  • Preferences: Device
  • Admin: Cash Register, Shifts, Orders, Setting
  • POS Sales

Assistant Manager

  • User: Member
  • Inventory: Products Catalog
  • Admin: Cash Register
  • POS Sales


  • User: Member