Setting up Cash Register Service (Windows)

Cash Register Service is set up on any Windows terminal to allow communication between printers and POS terminal.

TechPOS Service Setup

  1. Copy the latest TECHPOS Service folder to your C:\ drive. If you do not have the "TechPOS Service" folder, please contact our support. 
  2. Copy all the files from the folder C:\TECHPOS Service\Dependencies\x64 to C:\Windows\System32 
  3. Go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers 
  4. Select the printer and take a note of the printer name
  5. Go back to the TechPOS Service folder and open the file CashRegisterService.exe.config with Notepad 

  6. Look for the 'Thermal Printer" and replace the value with the name of the printer on item # 4 and save
  7. If the service has been installed, uninstall the service and install again. 

TechPOS Service Installation

  1. Go to ServiceInstallUninstall Folder
  2. Right Click on InstallService.bat and select Run as Admin.
  3. Installation will begin and will show completed once done
  4. Go to search bar and enter "Services"
  5. Look for Cash Register Service and select Start
  6. Right Click on the Cash Register Service and Select Properties
  7. Go to Recovery Tab and set the following: