What Is the Warehouse Page?

The Warehouse page is where you can manage inventory in your storefront and your storage room. This is also where you can adjust your inventory for various reasons such as Government recalls or damaged items.

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The Transfer mode is an optional feature for customers who would prefer to manage their inventory in different warehouses in their store within the system. This is where you can keep track of your products separately in your backroom/storage room, as well as your storefront. 

NOTE: When receiving your PO, all products will appear under the Store section. If you decide to transfer some units into the Storage section in the system, you must always ensure that you have products under the Store warehouse otherwise the product will not be shown as available for customers on the system and your website even if there are units in the Storage.

The Adjust mode will allow you to adjust the quantity of units in your inventory to keep track of any discrepancies.