Troubleshooting the Printer

This article will show you the steps to troubleshoot your receipt printer.

Check the status of the printer:  

  1. Go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers 
  2. Select the printer > Right Click > Printer Properties > Print Test Page.  

If the test page did not print, the issue will be specified on the Status section. The following are the common issues: 

Printer Door is Open

Solution: Make sure this is closed. Try opening and closing the printer door.

Our of Receipt Paper

Solution: Add another paper and do a test print (make sure printer paper is placed correctly)

Printer shows Offline

Solution: Re-install the printer driver. Follow the instructions: 

- When installing the printer software and driver, make sure the printer is disconnected via USB cable.
- After installation, restart the computer.
- Once the computer is back up, that’s when you plug in/connect the printer to the computer.

Note: If the test print works, move to the second solution - Check the Status of Cash Register.